What is a Router Table? [April] 2022

A router table is a industrial machine which is mainly use by the wood working ,its make a work easier for them and hard work are easily done by it than other machines which are in market.

Moreover it is a stationary woodworking machine during which a vertically oriented spindle of a woodworking router protrudes from the machine table and may be spun at speeds typically between 3000 and 24,000 pm and it has a cutting heads which are often mounted within the spindle.

It’s working ability is extremely good ,When the pieces inserted into the machine, the cutters shape a profile inside it but the Router tables are to increase the flexibility of a transportable router.

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It has a different method of cutting for material as each method of uses especially suited to a selected application, for example  a extra pieces which is very large pieces would be overlarge to be supported on a milling table.

It must be routed with a transportable machine similarly on the other hand very small pieces are not support a manual router and must be routed on a milling table with the assistance  of push tool accessories .

Similarly there are many more examples related to routers ta le performance and its working abilities. Now I try to tell you about the history of router table, the Router tables have evolved like makeshift tools within the shop.

Individual joiners began taking the routers, also a mounting them in an upside-down position under a table and using the router’s depth adjustment to pry the tip through a hole within the table surface.

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Router Table Height

In market there are different type of router table with different height, which depend upon the interest of the user, in which height they are comfortable,according to me the best height is about 5 to 7.

But the main thing is that its depend upon the height of the user if your height is short then use the router table of smaller height i.e 34” or 32”. And If your taller than 5”1”’ then you have to use router table of height 39”. I personally think and research on this question its totally depends upon two things one is your interest and other how tall you are.

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Router Table Dimensions

The dimension of the router table depend upon the your personal interest  and your experience. And the most common ones is   24” (deep) x 36” (wide).
But the dimension which is most common in router table and you can find easily that router is dimension 22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches.

Moreover, its dimension is depend upon you on which dimension you  are comfortable , if someone is short so my opinion is that they use the router table of dimension 32″w x 36″d x 34″h. There are different type of router table in market with router table top size dimension  3/4 inch sheets cut to 36″ wide. One is 50″ long and the other the full 8 feet.

Do I need a Router Table?

It is one of the important industrial table through which you will make multiple passes with more precision , as we know precision is important because we will have to fit pieces together that were routed separately.

Router table are mainly used in cutting and through router table ones can cut their own mold. And by using a router table is comfortable and faster than a using a router alone moreover, customer do not have to clamp the board and the narrow boards that are difficult and take more time to shape with a router are cinch on a router table.

If someone work with wood. so it is one of the most important industrial material which makes your work easy and take less time to complete work while woodworking.

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Router Table Basics

A router table is a handy woodworking tool. This useful tool helps you to cut the wood stock easily. You can cut the wood from any angle with the help of router

But before work on router table you must know basis of the router table. First of all you have to work with small and long stock and edge the trimming and template work. Also you can use router table as a jointer  and sopped cuts and making panel doors.

Router Table Safety

Safety of the router table must be followed no matter how much you have experience and how along you have work on it. Because the safety is most important, there are some points which must keep in mind while working in shop or labs.

First thing is that wear safety glasses and haring protection and cover the bit with a guard whenever possible also use feather boards and push sticks  to keep your fingers away from the bit .

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Move work pieces from right to left against the fence and move work pieces counterclockwise around the piloted bit and never position the fence so the work piece is pushed between it and the bit.

Moreover, user must cover their ears , nose and mouth to avoid dust from entering. And avoid from the dust particle and take breathe in that area where are no  dust particles because it may cause the breathing problems. Not  wear ring while working and check that all the attachments are fitted properly.

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Zero Clearance Router Table Insert

Through zero clearance you can improve cutting quality. There are many step while doing this some are following ; first of all you have to gather the material which are router table , router  bit and some different varieties of drills and the second step is you have to remove the old fence then cutting wood and then marking holes and drilling the holes and attaching router and fence cut out.

How to Change a Router Bit on a Router Table?

Change of router bit on the router table requires experience and skill.If you are not net person in woodwork then you can do it easily but if you are new one you van not do it easily  because while doing it many step are required and the first step is that make sure the router table is unplugged because it is very dangerous and can lead a major accident.

So before doing this make sure the switch is turn off. Then the second step is loosen the bit after this lift the router also remove the collect and  fix your new router bit and make sure the bit is tight then at the end crank your router back down.

Shaper vs Router Table:

Router table and shaper both are industrial machine and perfect in woodworking but if we have to choose the best between them I would say that router table is more better  than shaper.

I would explain the above line with argument. Router table is best because  of its versatility user can enjoy much more creative freedom while working with a router table. Ones can cut the wood with multiples angles by using it. And also it has very high speed .Being powered by electricity, it can rotate the spindle faster and thus produce an impressive measure of RPM.

A router table is a handy woodworking tool. This useful tool helps you to cut the wood stock easily. You can cut the capital from any angle with the help of mounting the spinning router. This tool allows you to make a better shape to the wood stock.

It has a corner of the fence for its performance. It will help if you use a guide pin to work with proper benefits. The bit’s rotation creates a push against the guide. Many professionals complete their quite better or great projects with a router table.

Wood Shaper vs Router Table

First of all you to have to know that what is wood shaper, A wood shaper is the ones of the most using industrial material useful in woodworking, by using this wood shaper ones can cut the wood.

The another common name of wood shaper is spindle molder because it has a spindle drive , through spindle drive  you can able to reduce the share of wood .

If we compare the working ability and performance and the precision of the machines in wood in wood industry . so, we can say that router tables provide more precision, more versatility and higher speed to a woodworker. So if you can overcome the hurdle of noise and  these machines should prove to be more useful for you than wood shapers.

But I’m not say that wood shaper is no good in woodworking there are many advantages of wood shaper . For example it is use in heavy-duty wood working daily task. Because it is large device that run on powerful induction motors and strong spindles. 

It has impressive adaptability and reverse running . but it has some disadvantages through which I conclude that router table is best than wood shaper , which are following ; it has slow speed,  its RPM is not so impressive. Almost every wood shaper is able to work at only 7,000 to 10,000 RPM.

Therefore, you may need to dial down the expectation of attaining high speed while working with wood shaper. And also it has expensive mid range. And wood shaper operate a lot more slowly, naturally they don’t produce much noise while working because of its versatility user can enjoy much more creative freedom while working with a router table.

Ones can cut the wood with multiples angles by using it. And also it has very high speed .Being powered by electricity, it can rotate the spindle faster and thus produce an impressive measure of RPM.

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