How To Make a Router Table [April] 2022

First of all we need to know about router table that what is router table?So, the router table is a woodworking machine which is used in cutting wood according to our design.The router is a device which is used for cutting of wood and a wooden table is used when a router is fit on it . The table helps us for safe cutting of wood.The router is a lighter weight model, built specifically for chipboard cutting. It can be used for smaller general routing functions.

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How to Build a Router Table

The router table is made by the companies which are perfectly good for use and some wood worker doesn’t like the router table and they want to made their own router table in which they built a router table according to their own satisfaction.So, if you build your own router table you should select own design of a router table and then you should select your top view of which you want to make a table then a fence which is used in it, you should select it’s readings according to your table.and then a legs measurement according to your satisfaction.and then you need a material which is required on it or the tools which used in it.Then, you apply your design to autocad or other software and takes simple and correct readings using instruments.

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Making a Router Table

The people bought a router table but their is some function which is not in the router table such as:

  • Adjustable fence
  • Dust Collection
  • Switch to control router and vacuum
  • Ease of access to router

These are the feature which woodworker wants in it’s router table but these functions are not in router table .

So we are required to build our own router table according to our own design and feature then their are some steps which help us to build our own router table.

Step 1:

First you should select your design of your model then you should select the material which is required in it and then the tools which is used in it.You designed your concept in Autocad, so you had a set of plans to do something about it. you designed the top and fence out of 3/4″ plywood and the legs are made of 2×4 material.

You can adjust your plywood according to your dimensions.

Size of dust collection hole in fence can be changed to fit your system.

The location of the mounting holes come from your routers base, and  changes depends on your router.

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The material which is used to build a router table are following:

  • 3/4″ Plywood
  • ~5ft of 2×4
  • Wood Glue
  • 2 x Outlet Boxes
  • 1 x Switch and Cover
  • 1 x Outlet and Cover
  • ~16″ of House Wire
  • 2 x Wire Nut
  • 2 x Wire Staples
  • Electrical plug (I used one off an old battery backup)
  • Assortment of screws from 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ (Used what I had laying around)
  • 3 x 10-32, 1″ long Counter sink bolts for mounting router (Use suitable size for your router)
  • 2 x 1/4″, 2-1/2″ long Carriage Bolts
  • 2 x 1/4″ washers
  • 2 x 1/4″ Wing Nuts

At last the tools used to build a router table are:

  • Tape Measure
  • Chop Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Drill
  • Drill/Drive Bits
  • Router
  • 1/4 Router Bit
  • Nail Gun (Optional, used to nail glued pieces so as not to have to wait for them to dry)
  • Taper Jig for table saw
  • Sand Paper
  • Outlet Tester (Optional but Recommended)

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How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router

While using a power tool, their will be danger for you because it may slips from the wood and will injured you so you should use a router table which helps us to work comfortably and flexible. So, you should made your own router table which help us in our working.

The necessary things which are used in it are following:

  • Plunge router
  • V-Groove router bit
  • Wingnuts
  • Carriage bolts with washers (2 pieces)
  • A quarter-inch of ply
  • One and a half-inch of Hole saw (Very precise in cutting holes in a round shape)
  • A half-inch of the straight bit
  • Zip tie
  • Pencil
  • Clamp
  • Circular saw
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Vacuum cleaner

The easy steps to make a router table for a plunge router is

  • The first step is to set up everything such as safety precautions etc
  • Wear all the safety equipment before you start your design (safety goggle, gloves, and dust mask). Clean the vacuum cleaner area. Take all the above listed equipment and place it in a specific location. If necessary, create a note to keep it on track
  • Then in second step you had to cut the ply
  • Cut the ply safely and calmly. This line is going to be the mounting part for your router. As routers are not as big as other hand tools, cut them by their weight. The normal cutting size is between 14 and 16 inches. You can cut some moderate length of ply to make pieces of a clip. To make a look is perfect, you can use the pencil to mark the area where you are going to make the cut.
  • Then in next step you need to adjust the router position
  • Choose the location where you’ve been planning to place the plunged router. It would be good if you saved some extra space so that the resources to improve can be used to install other material.
  • Then after adjusting the router position you are to make a holes in the board for adjusting the router table.then check it that you should create hole accurately by placing the router on the board.
  • Then to fit the V-Groove
  • Take the pair of v-groove and put it in a way that it is facing upwards on the board. Place the setup bars onto the top of the v-groove and adjust it in a way that it fixes its position.
  • And then you fix the clamping board
  • To fix it tightly on the surface make small cuts on it and then put it down at a distance where it will not interacted with the back wheel of the plunge router. Take two bolt of extra grip and use them in each lock. Just make sure you make wood inlay to the surface of the board before you connect the bolts to it.
  • And i the last part is finishing part in which
  • Put the plunge router and check how it works on the newly designed router table. If you’re satisfied with it all, then you make router tablefor plunge successfully

Build A Router Table

To build a router table you should first designed a table on auto cad as we discussed in top and then apply it and make your top view and then the legs and then the fence that attached  on it then you have to made it according to it with using material which required in it or the tools use in it and at last you should connect the electrical system with the router table for drill using or other like dust collection or if you want to add some other products in your router table like

  • Add slots to front of fence to allow adjustable fences to used on different router bits.
  • Add slot to front of table to allow a bolt to cut circles.
  • Miter gauge slot
  • These function can added to your router table if you want to add in it.

Attaching A Router To A Router Table

Trying to mount your router into a table will allow you to perform more tasks rather than using it as a handheld machine. Installing the router should be pretty straightforward, as long as you have an appropriate table with a suitable insert plate and a suitable router.

After you first obtain your router table, you must check that the insert plate is correct and identify the holes that match up with the mounts at the bottom of your router. You must also check if you have enough screws or bolts, as well as any nozzles and nuts, if necessary. If the insert plate is not right, the manufacturers would be happy to exchange it for the correct one if you contact them, and additional insert plates should be available if you want to use the table.

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You need to insert a plate on a router table then you redrilled the parts on the router table and insert a plate on the drilled holes on the router table ,when you insert a plate on the table then you should have to place a router to insert on a router table.

If the insert plate has been properly fitted, the router can be placed. Turn the table on its sides and match up the mounting holes at the plate with the right mounting points in the router you mentioned earlier. The router will be connected to the insert plate with the screws installed into the surface and passed to the base of the router. If needed, you must also connect any washing machines or nuts. The router can be locked in place now.

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Things To Make With A Router Table

There are a lot of projects in which you can use the router: you can use the plunger framework and force the bit into the wood for the length of the cut; you can use the stationary base router and ease the bit on the edge of the board; and you can even place the stationary base router upside down in the router table and shift the wood past the router bit. some of the projects in which you can  used a router table is:

  • Oak book stand
  • For hardwood cutting board
  • To make doors and window shutter
  • To build a knicknack self
  • To build a clay pot hanger

Making Trim With A Router Table

If you want to get the best trim in your router table, you should go with hardwood.

  • The first step is milling to make a trim with  a router table.
  • Now when you’ve checked the first part and set up your router table and 3/4-inch square bit, get a 2×4 and run one side of the table. You can also make a few passes first to make sure you have the most smooth results. This move is much more necessary if you plan to use a big bit because it takes more wood off than smaller pieces. That means you’re going to have to make a few passes to get a smooth finish. Rotate the stud and round the other hand on the first side.
  • The next step is sewing
  • In this You have to ensure that the cutting blade is perfectly positioned. This ensures that you’ll need to place the mould perfectly to prevent the saw from taking off much. You’re likely going to just have to do this for a few times before you can make a good mould. Keep the square reconfiguration and you’ll get the thickness you want. To make early cuts smoother, you can add a fence to your router table. If you set everything right, you should be left with just a thin strip of waste.
  • The third step is removing the waste.
  • When both sides of your trim are cut to size, it is time to remove the waste. You can do it with a grinding wheel if you have one that can be used on wood, but a good sharp chisel will also do. Slide the chisel down the entire length of the molding, but don’t push too hard on it because it can break.
  • And then you are to cutting the trim to size.
  • Once all the extra woods is extracted and you’ll have a 2×4 with rounded sides, you are able to cut the mould to the correct sizes. Before you do so get a measuring system and double check all sizes twice. It’s really important that the pieces of your sculpting fit together.
  • The last way you’re going to do is make the last cut you saw on the table. You will reduce the height of your new mould perfectly to the correct level. Leave the fence on the saw table and bring the milled stock back, but And ensure the curved part of the trim faces the fence. Break off the mould by pushing it through the saw. The fence is going to make sure it’s uniformly cut on both sides, making it easier for you to install.
  • In next step you are doing is installing the trim molding.
  • You could also paint the mould with wood paint before install to let it clean. When that’s done, you’re able to add the pieces and finish your home trim moulding projects.

Build your own Router Table

To build your own router table we should discussed it first that is that you are to make first designed of your router table and apply it in autocad to verify it and to make it perfect. Then you are to make your router table .You should first take all the materials and tools used in the router table and then you have to made its top view using autocad or then its legs with the correct measurement from autocad. Then you make fence according to the size of the router table and then attached a switch to a router table used for the vaccum or etc .In router table you maKe adjustable fence,miter gauge slot or slot to front of table to cut circles.

How To Setup A Router Table

So how do You set up a router table? Here’s a simple guide to setting up your router table. Surely, there are many things that you need to remember, but they are easy to follow once you know them.

  • The step one is to connect the switch to make sure the switch is working properly.
  • The second step is to set up a plate and a router lift Make sure that your router insert plate is attached in such a way that it wipes with the ground of your router table.
  • The third step is to set up a fence that wilL help you to gain the best level of accuracy.
  • The fourth step is to get the dust port ready to work efficiently to keep your area clean.

Now you choose the best router table which is Flat,Rigid,Spacious top,Detachable base plate,Adjustable,Durable and then set up a router table

Build A Router Table Top

To build a router top view you should first do it in autocad to get reading perfectly.Then you should cut the wood to a desire size of the top and then layout the holes of the mounting router.You should used plastic plate for the router to locate best holes in it.Then you should layout slot for moveable fence.Center punch all holes at the end of the slot and then drill 3/16″ holes for mounting router and then made a counter sink holes in it and then drill 1-1/2″ hole for router spindle and Drill 1/4″ holes for ends of slots. Set edge guide of router 6 and slot of router is 1/4″ Bit and at last sand all edges of the router table top.

Building A Router Table Top

To build a router top view you must first do this in autodesk to get correctly read then you should carve the wood to the desired size of the top but instead layout the holes of the router mounting.You used the plastic sheet for the router to find the best holes in it.Then you should layout the fence. Center mounting slot for all holes and the end of the slot and then drill 3/16″ holes for the router mounting.

How To Make A Router Table Top

  • Cut the tops to the desired size, this was the size of a piece I was trying around.
  • Layout holes for the mounting of the router, I traced the removable plastic plate from my router base to find my holes.
  • Layout of the movable fence slots from the drawing
  • Core punches the holes and the ends of the slots
  • Pilot drill the holes
  • Drill 3/16″ holes for router mounting
  • Counter holes in the sink
  • 1-1/2″ drill hole for the router spindle
  • Drill 1/4″ holes at the ends of the slots
  • Set a 6″ and router slots with 1/4″ router slot
  • Sand all the edges of a router table top

How To Make A Router Table Fence

The fence that is attached with your router table is made first in auto cad then you should do it manually .so manually you should do first to Cut at least 7-1/8″ wide piece of plywood to the same length as the top.

Design the section at the front and back of the fence and the spaces at the bottom of the fence.and Cutting the sections out, you used the mitre gauge and cut it on the floor saw, however a rope seen or a manual saw will work. or at Middle hit, pilots drill and 1/4″ drill hole in bottom piece.then

You should use Adhesive and connect the front to the bottom of the 4″ vertical section.then you Cut pieces for the collection of dust from the Check all bits are fits, trimmed if appropriate, sand all edges. now Adhesive trapped side pieces and nails, otherwise clip and wait to dry.

Adhesive surface and make sure you have a decent bead of adhesive on all touch surfaces to make a good seal and nail on the corner bits, otherwise clamp and wait to dry now Center top extend, glue, clamp, and wait until dry.Drilling hole for the dust collection you can a make a router table fence.

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